Nutrition for Weight Loss in Waterloo IA

Chiropractic Waterloo IA Nutrition

Nutrition for weight loss, low inflammation lifestyle, and support for many concerns. We offer a variety of methods including history, examinations, questionnaires, bloodwork, and even genetic testing to establish the best diet and supplements for you to reach your health care goals in Waterloo IA.

diets and supplements in Waterloo IA

For weight loss, anti-aging, thyroid and other hormonal concerns, cholesterol, digestive problems, and lower inflammation we provide specific and personalized diets and supplements to match their individual needs.


  • Fast mimicking
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Wahl Protocol
  • Paleo
  • Keto
  • Elimination
  • And others as appropriate for the individual
Chiropractic Waterloo IA Nutrition


  • Natural supplements that also support lowering inflammation
  • Natural supplement for the prevention of migraines
  • Natural supplements that support the body in lowering cholesterol
  • Natural supplements that support your body's ability to stabilize hormones
  • Natural supplements that support the body's ability to create neurotransmitters and chemicals for optimal brain function and emotional stability.
  • Natural supplements for improving the immune system and its imbalances as seen in sensitivities, long covid, Lyme disease and etc.

*These are all personalized to your specific needs by your history, questionnaires, exam, lab tests, and genetic testing as elected and appropriate.


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